“She flirted with life, and life flirted right back with her, as if all the universe became more alive just for her, and everything felt her glow, in the dew, in the stars, in the colors of the sky, it all shone for her, bright as it could, in the hopes to catch her eye.” -Atticus

To all the potential ESL teachers looking into moving to Costa Rica to get TEFL certified and teach, here is my advise for you: Do it now! If this is your dream as it was mine, don’t procrastinate another moment. The risk is worth the reward. My life here as a teacher in Costa Rica has been an adventure unlike any other. I have learned more about myself in 6 months and witnessed my own strength, courage and inner growth in a ways I never thought possible. The truth is, it takes guts to make this kind of move and that I completely understand, but don’t let fear hold you back from such a unique opportunity.


I returned this week from a trip to Bocas del Toro, Panama. As I write this, I am still in a daze, still in awe of the pristine paradise that enamored me to the core.

The long journey began with an early morning bus ride to Puerto Viejo for an overnight layover before heading to the border. Rocking J’s Hostel is a one of a kind experience I must say.


2016-02-23 10.46.132016-02-19 10.22.082016-02-19 10.22.042016-02-25 11.05.232016-02-19 10.05.082016-02-19 10.05.212016-02-19 10.05.45

2016-02-19 15.08.00

The next morning began with a 6am bus ride to the border in Sixaola. After walking across the bridge you are officially in Panama awaiting customs.

2016-02-20 07.59.462016-02-20 08.11.49

After a bus ride full of backpackers and a boat ride full of world travelers, 2 hours later I finally arrived in Bocas.

2016-02-20 09.39.152016-02-23 08.31.432016-02-21 10.14.53

After arriving at the hostel, the next three days consisted of lavishing in the Caribbean goodness and bike rides around Isla Colon.

2016-02-22 15.35.592016-02-21 11.30.032016-02-22 15.34.302016-02-22 15.34.272016-02-22 15.34.342016-02-21 14.45.222016-02-21 11.30.132016-02-21 11.54.322016-02-21 11.54.392016-02-21 11.55.152016-02-21 11.53.212016-02-21 11.50.472016-02-21 13.05.142016-02-21 11.51.042016-02-21 11.50.25

2016-02-22 10.53.082016-02-22 10.52.542016-02-22 11.01.28

I wish I could have taken a thousand more pictures of what I encountered on this trip, but at least now you can see a glimpse of the beauty that captivated my heart and soul.



  1. derrickp · May 29, 2016

    Hi Chrystal, thank you for this post. It was more of an affirmation for me rather than an informative piece. I’m signed up for the November course in Heredia, and I plan to teach there as well. Right now, I’m focusing on downsizing my life here, and tuning out the naysayers who don’t understand that this IS that I want to do. Again thank you for this post. I’ll JUST DO IT



    • Chrystal · May 29, 2016

      Your welcome Derrick! I read blogs before my journey began and it gave me affirmations as well. Happy to pay it forward.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ame Robinson · August 7, 2016

    Are all of these beach shots in Bocas?


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